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Artist Bio
Kenenza Michiko (b. 2001, Jakarta, Indonesia) is a Diploma in Fine Art Graduate from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. She is currently a student at NAFA - University of the Arts London, pursuing a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts. She has exhibited her works in various group exhibitions around Singapore including The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery and Gillman Barracks.

She finished her internship in the Curatorial and Research Department with National Gallery Singapore in 2021. She actively curated several offline and online exhibitions, such as LASKAR Pelangi 2020, BORDERLESS for Norwegian Cultural Center 2022 and Terra Incognita: The Alt Show 2022 in Artspace @ Helutrans. She participated in Share The Moments Project for Marina Bay Sands Countdown 2021 at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore. And is the recipient of several Art Scholarships in Singapore, including consecutively receiving the Dean's List Awards for all of her semester in the NAFA Fine Art Diploma Program 2019-2022, The Best Graduate 2022 in DIploma NAFA Fine Art,  The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal 2022 and Lim Ai Fang Art Prize by the Woon Brothers Foundation 2022.

Artist Statement

As an Indonesian artist based in Singapore, my art practice revolves around navigating the culture, urban legends, and socio-political situation around the South-East Asia region. Keeping and remembering my Indonesian roots, I am passionate about researching modern Indonesian History from 1960 - the present, especially in Jakarta, and taking that as a starting point for my works to uncover and discover new territories of a city.

I use maps, psychogeography, and working with organic materials primarily turmeric to activate different senses of the audience. Through my works, I hope to bring a visceral sensation to the audience's mind when experiencing the piece.


Selected Group Exhibitions & Collaborations


Stories of Care II
The Care Archive 
as The Archivers Collective 
December 2022 - January 2023
Assisi Hospice, Singapore 

Women Hold Up Half The Sky
Part of An Allegory of Fourths

as Crabs in Clams Collective
November 2022
Singapore Council of Women's Organisations, Singapore
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Tower Block Level 9, Singapore

18 - 29 June 2022
Artspace @ Helutrans, Singapore

CATALYSIS, Process Accelerated
February 2022 – March 2022
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Singapore

Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya III Exhibition

January 2022 – February 2022
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Singapore


November 2021
In collaboration with White Jacket Singapore

ONE4 | SOAD Staff Show 2021, in collaboration with Noor Iskandar
A New Sacred Project,
16 September – 31 October 2021
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Singapore

CATALYST: Fostering Intersection of Disciplines
August 2021
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Singapore

Imagining New Futures
14- 23 May 2021
Gillman Barracks, Singapore

A City Of Kamu: Archiving Imaginations, Imagining Archives
8 - 16 April 2021
Fine Art Showcase, NAFA Campus 1, Wing B, Level 4

Flagship Genius featuring Ayutthaya II Exhibition
January 2021 – February 2021
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, Singapore


Share The Moments Marina Bay Sands Countdown 2021
December 2020
Animated Light Projection at The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Laskar Pelangi Group Exhibition
February 2020
NAFA Tower Block Gallery, Singapore

Curatorial Projects


LASKAR PELANGI: Senandika 2021 Online Exhibition
Student-lead Project by LASKAR NAFA, Indonesian Student Association
January 2021 - April 2021
Curatorial team lead

A City of Kamu: Archiving Imaginations, Imagining Archive
8 - 16 April 2021
Fine Art Showcase, NAFA Campus 1, Singapore
Curatorial / Production Lead, advised by Noor Iskandar




Curatorial Lead 
18 - 29 June 2022
Artspace@ Helutrans, Singapore

Curatorial & Multimedia Creative
6 - 9 August 2022

Verse Gallery, Norway, Oslo 
Sine Pop! Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines


Shortlisted - Global Design Graduate Show in Collaboration with GUCCI
Arts Thread
Shortlisted for Global Design Graduate Show 2022 in Fine Art Category.

Best Graduate Award
June 2022
NAFA Fine Art Graduating Award

Best Studentship Prize
June 2022
NAFA Fine Art Graduating Award

Lim Ai Fang Art Prize
June 2022
Lim Ai Fang Art Prize is an art prize given out by the Woon Brothers Foundation for the best NAFA Fine Art Diploma Final Year Project.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal
June 2022
The Ngee Ann Kongsi Gold Medal is the most prestigious award given out to NAFA Diploma Graduates.

NAFA Talent Development Programme

Recipient of NAFA Talent Development Programme
batch 2020

Dean's List Awards
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Year 1 Semester 2 (2020)
Year 2 Semester 1 (2020)
Year 2 Semester 2 (2021)

Year 3 Semester 1 (2021)
Year 3 Semester 2 (2022)

NAFA Scholarships Diploma Awards
Academic Year 2021/2022

Tan Ean Kiam Arts Scholarship (Diploma)
Academic Year 2020/2021

Singapore Ministry of Education
Tuition Grant for International Student


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