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Perempuan Semesta;
on-going project
2021 -
oil paint on canvas
Perempuan Semesta; (the lady of the universe;) is an on-going project that will always be renewed. Recording and reflecting the different stages of age in the artist's life in a more emotional and melancholic approach. The contemplation of discovering the new side and the adequacy of womanhood. The artworks are raw, automated without much thought, recording up close the sensitivity and tenderness of the different emotions. Perempuan Semesta; will start from the age of 19 until unknown.
Perempuan Semesta;19
kasur yang terlalu besar untuk berdua
February 2021
oil paint on canvas panel
50.8 x 76.2 cm
2021_02_23 7_51 PM Office Lens.jpg

tarik ulur selimut, akhirnya aku senang sendirian.

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