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penggalan balada kusut kalut
mix media installation
dimensions: various in sizes

"Perempuan" "Empu" "Diempu-kan"

"Wanita" "Wani Nata" "Wani ditata"


Cutting up, dissecting, tangling, weaving it back as a symbol of empowerment. penggalan balada kusut kalut (fragmented ballad of the tangled) is a  self-reflective approach to the artist's point of view as a woman in her native country Indonesia. 


Trying to escape and resisting the traditional labels and stereotypes of a woman's place or duty that the artist's always told to act or do, a built-up internalization of misogynistic thought from the self. The idea of lacking maintenance and care depicted in the chaotic weaving as an act of challenging the conservative mindset that unconsciously embedded into the artist's thoughts, as a symbol of power, gaining back the place and voice from the self and for the self. 


Depiction of tension, looseness, tightness, the meditative act, and approach to help triggers the conversations of the womens' label, duty, or stereotypes for the audience when experiencing the piece. 


The state of chaos, holding the piece together, is it the final voice for the birth of a new beginning?

penggalan balada kusut kalut was shown at Gillman Barracks, Singapore


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