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kuning yang tertinggal sebagai sisa
mix media installation
dimensions: various in size

KENENZA MICHIKO's work often revolves around the cultural background of the Chinese-Indonesian community. While also being a Chinese-Indonesian herself, Kenenza is trying to understand the role on how the community was and is perceived in society.

This artwork titled "kuning yang tertinggal sebagai sisa" (yellow that was left as vestiges) is the continuation of Kenenza's attempt on exploring and understanding the Chinese-Indonesian community through their traditions that are inevitably slowly fading away and what was left from it.

Kenenza is looking at how the traditions were passed on from generation to generation and the attempt to preserve it. Portraying that into these series of paintings and imprints to show the vestiges of the traditions themselves. The strings that connect every painting and imprints depict the tension, tightness, and looseness of the connection between the traditions that have been passed on. 

Attempts on preserving the traditions that are undeniably fading away can be perceived as futile. Through this piece, Kenenza hopes to create consciousness and share the emotions of what the community has been going through to the viewers when experiencing the piece.

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