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aku ako

A Psychogeographical Map
Collaborative work with Vicentillo Alice Lagmay

A psychogeography map. Mapping of the feelings of two friends who shares their worries to each other.


Everyday for 7 days straight Alice and Kenenza exchanged letters containing their worries. Using their mother-tongue. Even though Alice shared her letters to Kenenza she can't understand it and vice versa. The feeling of disconnection but still believe they always be there for each other.  


As the days go by the letters will be more heavier and deeper, marked by the thickness and opaqueness of the blue paint on the background of the letters. All the letters will be washed away and faded out by salt-water in hopes that "the ocean" will washed our worries away, let the ocean be blue and not us.


All the letters were signed off as Aku & Ako. Aku is I in Indonesian where Kenenza is from and Ako is I in Sibuano where Alice is from.

know more about Vicentillo Alice, the artist in collaboration here:
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